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Home Server SMART Classic

Our first ever SMART product was built as a Windows Home Server add-in. Windows Home Server was the first OS to really bring forth the concept of "a server in every home." With servers full of disks came disk failures, and Home Server SMART was born!



On April 9, 2015, we released a major upgrade to Home Server SMART Classic--its first update in a year and a half. HSS Classic now includes all the powerful functionality of Home Server SMART 2015.

Built for Windows Home Server

Microsoft released Windows Home Server, informally known now as Windows Home Server "v1", with the idea of bringing a "server into every home." Unfortunately, WHS never quite broke out of the niche market of techies, geeks and nerds. This was too bad, because WHS was a great operating system with a lot of potential.

WHS made it easy for people to take disks of varying capacities and types (internal vs. USB), and mix them into a single pool of storage, thanks to a Microsoft technology called Drive Extender. Drive Extender allowed for the replication of data, which protected the replicated data against single-drive failures. Drive Extender wasn't perfect, and something that could detect failures before they happened was essential. Home Server SMART was born.

Home Server SMART (aka Home Server SMART Classic) was designed as a WHS add-in, so users could interface with it through the WHS Dashboard. Microsoft did not intend for users to interact with the server via the desktop, hence the need for this special user interface.

Home Server SMART Classic proved to be so popular that we built WindowSMART 2012, followed by WindowSMART 2015 and, of course, a natural predecessor to Home Server SMART -- the 2015 version of Home Server SMART!

HSS Classic Features

While it is impossible to prevent disk failures, Home Server SMART Classic helps keep your data safe by always keeping you aware of disk health problems.

  • Continuous monitoring - if the computer is on, HSS is working
  • Get alerted the moment a problem is detected by email and on your mobile device
  • Emergency backup if a disk failure condition is detected
  • Thermal shutdown if disks remain too hot for too long
  • Daily email summary lets you know if any problems occurred that day
HSS Classic Benefits

Home Server SMART Classic provides these benefits.

  • Reduce or eliminate costs associated with unexpected drive failures
  • Prolongs life of equipment by protecting against overheating
  • Allows you to replace a troublesome disk at your convenience

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