About Us

Dojo North Software, LLC is a Michigan small business, located in Macomb Township, Michigan. We started out in 2001, but didn't officially register as a business until 2003, when we were known as Bronzemist Software Systems. In 2005, we relocated form Roseville, MI to Shelby Township, MI, and took on a new identity, Dojo North Software. We were a simple DBA from 2003-2012. In December, 2012, we decided that it was no longer suitable to operate as a DBA, so we formed a limited liability company, and are now known as Dojo North Software, LLC. We moved to Macomb Township, MI in late 2014.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about our software products,ASP-Software.org membership status please visit the Contact Us page and let us know! We review all emails individually and make our best effort to respond to your email within 2-3 days. In some cases it may take longer. We apologize, but we're a small company and prefer to give each email careful consideration and a personalized reply, rather than a "canned answer."

All of our software products can be downloaded without any need to register prior to downloading. Our Home Server software products, Home Server SMART Classic and Home Server SMART 2015 are freeware, and are free for you to use forever. If you find either of these products beneficial to you, please consider showing a small token of appreciation by donating through PayPal.

WindowSMART 2015 is shareware. WindowSMART will run, fully featured, for a full 30 days upon installation. After 30 days, it will stop working unless you purchase a license key.

Do you prefer posing questions and comments in a public forum? If so, please visit MediaSmartServer.net and Home Server Show -- we're very active in those forums and they've become sort of an unofficial support forum! We also have our own forum on this site; however, the previously mentioned forums have a much larger user community and you would likely get an answer there faster.