WindowSMART 2015 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about WindowSMART and Home Server SMART

On this page we try to answer questions that commonly arise about our software.

Is WindowSMART really free to try? Will I get sales pitches?
WindowSMART 2015 really is free to try without the hassle of a sales pitch.

WindowSMART 2015 is 100% free to try, for a full 30 days. There is no pre-registration, and no credit card is required, which means no annoying follow-up emails, and no salesperson will call. Just download WindowSMART and try it out. If you're happy with it, we hope you'll consider purchasing licenses.

If you do purchase WindowSMART 2015 licenses, your purchase is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. We encourage you to try WindowSMART for the full
30-day trial to make sure it suits your needs. However, if you make a purchase and are not satisfied, we ask that you give us an opportunity to fix it. If we cannot resolve
the issue to your satisfaction, we'll give you your money back.

Is Home Server SMART really free forever?
Yes, both of our Home Server SMART products are 100% free -- forever.

Back in January 2010, when we released our first version of Home Server SMART, now known as Home Server SMART Classic, we made a promise that Home Server SMART
was, and always would be, free. We've kept that promise for both Home Server SMART Classic and Home Server SMART 2015.

Both Home Server SMART products will run only in specialized versions of Microsoft Windows. Home Server SMART Classic requires Windows Home Server v1; Home Server SMART 2015 requires a version from the Windows Server Solutions product family, such as Windows Home Server 2011 or Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials.

Neither Home Server SMART Classic nor Home Server SMART 2015 contain any ads. Both, however, are "donate-ware." Donations are welcome and appreciated, but not required.

I back up my data. Why do I need this product?
That's great that you back up your data, but...

Backing up your data on a regular basis, ideally a daily basis, is a huge first step in protecting yourself and your business against the costs of a data loss incident. DeepSpar
Data Recovery Systems estimates the average cost of a data loss incident to be about $2900 (USD), much of which is in the form of lost productivity.

WindowSMART cannot prevent a drive failure from occurring, but it CAN alert you when a disk starts to show signs of trouble. If you know a disk is problematic, you can
take action proactively, replacing the problematic disk on your schedule, when it's convenient for you. By replacing disks in this manner, you minimize downtime and lost productivity that would otherwise be associated if a disk failed without warning, and suddently you have an employee unable to work, deadlines are jeopardized and
you're hoping that the last backup was recent.

If a disk reports that failure is imminent, WindowSMART can perform an emergency backup to an external hard drive or network server to rescue the most important data.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

You may think your data is being backed up, but is it really? When was the last time you checked? And are you backing up daily/nightly? Do your employees leave their computers on so nightly backups can run? How often do you back up? Every day? Once a week?

WindowSMART isn't intended to replace your backup strategy. We hope you back up every day, if not several times daily. Even so, WindowSMART can protect you from the costs of an unexpected disk failure. Unexpected, unplanned disk failures are still expensive, even when you have a robust backup strategy. Costs that add up quickly
include employee downtime, an emergency or after-hours service call, maybe even a missed deadline.

I'm still running Windows XP. Can I run WindowSMART 2015?
We still support Windows XP, but...

Microsoft officially ended all support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. On July 7, 2015, Microsoft is ending support for the Server companion of XP, Windows Server 2003, including R2, in both its 32- and 64-bit variants. By ending support, these operating systems can easily become vulnerable to threats on the Web as Microsoft will no longer
be issuing updates.

We will continue to support Windows XP and Server 2003 users through the end of 2015. After that, while our software may continue to work on XP and Server 2003, we
will not be able to provide you with any support. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or, if it is available at the time you read this,
Windows 10.

Do you offer a discount if I have just one home PC?
Single PC License Option

Yes, we offer a Single PC license option. Most home users have multiple PCs and choose our standard WindowSMART 2015 Home license option for $34.95, which covers
ALL Windows PCs in the home. However, we received feedback from folks with just a single home PC and no plans to ever have more than one, and asked if they could
get a discount.

Instead of a discount, we made a WindowSMART 2015 Single PC option available for $24.95. This license is valid only for home use, and is intended for use on only ONE PC.

Do you offer a Veterans discount?
Yes, a US military veterans discount is available.

All active duty, reserve, retired and honorably discharged veterans in the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard are eligible for a discount. Discounts are available for both Home and Professional licenses.

In order to preserve the integrity of the program and properly respect our veterans, we will request proof of service documentation before releasing the discount code to
you. A photo of a military ID card or Honorable Discharge certificate which includes your name is sufficient. Just conceal any personal details like date of birth or social
security number.

Does the Professional edition of WindowSMART have more features than Home?
Professional and Home are functionally identical.

The only difference between WindowSMART Home and Professional is in the licensing. Functionally the products are identical, although the title bar and About window
will show the license type.

The Home license, including the Single PC option, are intended for home use only. The Home licenses were designed to make purchasing WindowSMART 2015 as simple as possible. Many home users don't understand complicated terms like "per device" or "per user," so we wanted to take the guesswork out of that. With a Home license, you purchase just one license, and all your home PCs are covered. For folks with just one PC, we made a Single PC option available at a discounted price.

Professional licenses are intended for use by businesses. Unlike the Home license, Professional licenses are "per device" licenses. That means if you have 20 computers on which you want to run WindowSMART, you must purchase 20 licenses.

Do you offer volume discounts for Professional licenses?
Yes, we offer tiers of pricing.

A single Professional license is $34.95, which is good for licensing one business computer. From there, we offer pricing tiers for 2-49 licenses, 50-99 licenses, 100-249
licenses, 250-499 licenses and 500+ licenses. The per-license cost at the 500+ tier is $18.95 per license. If you have a very large business with more than 1000 computers to license, please contact us and we can customize a licensing solution.